Haynes & Garthwaite Architects

Lakeside Cottage

This lakeside cottage is rooted in the New England cottage tradition….

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Goose Pond House

Nestled on the shore of Goose Pond, this two bedroom house blends traditional building forms with modern detailing….

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Twin Gables

Because this cottage is built into a steeply sloping hillside on the west shore of Lake Morey, it is entered on the second…

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Norwich Cottage

A new cottage that will serve as a vacation house and eventually a guest house when the primary residence is built nearby….

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Thetford Pond House

After using a picturesque set of barns as a summer house for many years, the owners decided to build an energy efficient,…

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Norwich Ell

A newly constructed ell connects a reproduction cape and a timber framed barn. …

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Bridgewater Addition

Two small additions to this early 1800’s house were intended to significantly improve its function as the primary residence…

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Miami Pavilion & Garden

The owners of an historic 1920’s Coconut Grove home and existing tropical garden acquired two adjacent houses which allowed…

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Beverly Farms Renovation

This phased project was implemented over three successive seasons. …

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Norwich Guest House

An existing barn and attached guest house located near the main house had fallen into disrepair. The barn frame was salvaged…

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